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Focus on….Being an Admin

Even though the Club 18-30 season is in mid-flow with thousands of guests partying hard across Europe, in the UK application forms for 2012 are piling in and our team are going through them trying to decide who should should come and interview for the most desirable jobs in travel. Whilst being a Club 18-30 rep is a great job, there is an alternative for those of you who want to enjoy a career in the sun, but not the late nights which are part and parcel of wearing the Club 18-30 uniform. Being an admin means that all the work you do is during the day so you have every night to yourself. We asked our Magaluf admin, Reanne McGrory to take us through exactly what a week in resort means when you’re office based.

If after reading this you think it could be the job for you, visit and download an application.

A week in the life of an admin….


On a Monday I will catch up with everything I have in the office like sorting all the reports and making sure everyone has all the paperwork they need for the airport and resort in general. Then I check the arrivals for Tuesday to make sure there have been no last minute bookings made which the reps will not be aware of. I usually get a lot of visits from the reps which is good to find out what is going on in resort and get all the gossip. I usually stay in on a Monday night as it is an early  start on airport day. I’ll get a good DVD and lots of munch and curl in my apartment.


Tuesday is the day guests leave and arrive. I control the airport transfers, so it is an early start to take the depatures to the airport and meet all the new arrivals. I am basically there to make sure there are no problems with lost luggage or coaches etc. Then I have a transfer into resort myself with the guests. I enjoy meeting new people and finding out what is happening at home. Once I am back into resort I go to the office and prepare for all the reps to come in so I can start printing the tickets for the weeks events. After work I will go and help out the reps with the event.


On a Wednesday I have to collate all the weeks events and sales and take them to Palma to the agent. Everyone is really nice here and so helpful. Then I will come back to the office and prepare the coach order for the Saturday arrivals and email all the hotels with the arrivals lists. All the reps have Wednesday night off so we go to a restaurant and have dinner together and then go out for the night. We usually end up in one of the nightclubs until the early hours.


This is the day where we all go to the beach and recover from the night before as me and all the reps have the day off. There is so much to do during the day like water sports, pool parties, but one of my favorites is shopping in Porto Pi or Palma. On Thursday night we have another event which I go and help the reps out with. I wouldn’t class it as working, more like having a night out with new people.


Every Friday I get my finances ready to send to the UK to be checked and posted. This involves reporting all the tickets that have been sold and expenses and suppliers that have been paid out that week. The deadline for this to be finished is a Monday so I have enough time to make sure it is all correct and completed on time. I also prepare the coach orders for Tuesday arrivals and send out the arrival lists to the hotels.  We have and event called Pirates at night. I will go and meet the reps and guests at the event just to go and watch the show. It is amazing! Then I will go home and get some sleep ready for the airport the next day.


This is another arrival day so I will be on the first departure to the airport to make sure there are no problems for the reps. I will then come back into resort with the last arrivals. Thomas Cook at the airport are very helpful and will lend a hand wherever needed or will point us in the right direction if we have any problems. Then I will come back into resort and prepare all the tickets for the guests. On Saturday nights we have an event called Silent Arena which I help out with. I will meet all the reps at the event where me and the manager control the headsets and deposits from the guests. After the event and all the headsets have been packed up we will go and meet the reps and go out once they finish work. This can end up being a bit of a late night as I have Sunday morning off!


This is the day I catch up with sleep as I don’t start work until 2pm. It’s good to just have a lie in once a week or if I am up early I will go to the beach and just chill out. Once I get in the office I will start updating logs and our Facebook page to let everyone know what is happening in resort. At the end of the day I complete the last bit of my finances ready to email to the UK on a Monday. We have School Disco on a Sunday night full of good old cheesy classics. This is one of my favorite events so always make sure I’m out with the reps helping with the games and the night.

Id say being an admin is the best job. As long as you have all your work done during the day and are organized and ready for the next day you can have the night to yourself where you can go out with friends, on the events or just stay in and watch DVDs. If you go on the events you do have to help the reps out but it is not hard work and they usually have everything covered anyway.